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Customers projects and uses of items we sell. Here are a list of items we sell and were featured in some published magazines.
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Click on the photo to see more examples of laser cutting.
Martha Stewart's Baby Magazine

We were a published source for a concept featured in Martha Stewarts Baby Magazine. The hanging mobile shows some letters hanging from it. The letters used in the photo were found in a close out bin in our store. We can also laser cut letters of all sizes, fonts styles and colors.

The laser is a great tool and can achieve many unbelievable designs. It can cut very detailed shapes and can make many concepts that seem hard to realize a reality.

Give us a call for a concepts you want to make a reality.

Many of our clients who find many uses for the laser are event planners, artists, architects, students, photographers, and your everyday mom or dad.

Click on the photo to see more of what the laser can do!
vinyl domes-self adhesive holographic paper and tape-acrylic discs and squares
Martha Stewarts Kids Magazine--Trash Eating Robot

We sell many unique and odd products at Industrial Plastics. Many of our items have been used to create modern art masterpieces by world re-known artists or used in a child’s second grade art project. Just a little vision can come to life with inspiration from our products.

In one of Martha Stewart’s magazines they show a trash robot that uses some of the things you can find at Industrial Plastics.
You can see a vinyl convex dome, some self-adhesive holographic paper and tape and plastic discs and squares. Here are just a handful of items that one person used to create something that was floating around in their creative mind.  What could you create with the same handful of items?

Take a look around our store and let your creative mind start to work on your masterpiece.
Real Simple Magazine-Round Box Packaging
Real Simple Magazine-Round Box Packaging

We carry a large selection of acrylic boxes that can be used for many different things. Some of our customers use them for holding paper clips and organizing other office needs. Some use them putting in wedding/ party favors…some for homemade candy and even for packaging their products for sale. These Petri like dishes are great for organizing jewelry too!
In the magazine Real Simple they show our 5” round boxes used to package sugar plum candies. Stack a couple of the round boxes and put a ribbon around it looks like you spent a lot! Your recipient gets a great gift and a re-usable container!
What’s even better is they come in different colors too!
As a custom order, we can also silkscreen these boxes with your logo or to commemorate a special event!
Brides Magazine October 2007 Luggage Tags
Brides Magazine October 2007 Luggage Tags

These luggage tags are not only fun and durable....they can serve more than one purpose!
How about using them as napkin rings or escort cards for a destination wedding? idea, huh?
Maybe on your daughter's stroller or backpack?

They are a great size and they are easily recognizable on the luggage carousel. You don't have to tie those ribbons on your suitcase anymore!
The happy, raised pattern has a nice texture and is flexible. That means it won't break so easily when bags get tossed around.
The flip side has a large area to write your info.

See the Luggage Tag section in the store to purchase....

Very Cool Decoration
Mirror Tile Sheets (Real Glass)

Who wouldn't love to be in a "disco ball" lined room? Now you can do it yourself! These are sheets of mirrored tile that can be adhered directly to a wall, around a pole, as a border, decoration on a box or even on the ceiling!
The fabric backing allows you to mount the whole sheet by itself...or cut into sections!
You can make super cool coasters, placemats, cover centerpieces it's endless!!
Great for parties
Mylar Fringe/Curtains

mylar fringe! are you building a float anytime soon?...if not,'s also great for a backdrop for parties! Use it around a banquet table or all tables at an event.
Very Cool Decoration
Fruits Foods Fish Etc

Art Galleries use our Concave & Convex Lenses
Art Galleries use our Concave & Convex Lenses

These mirrored lenses are available in convex (like a contact lens) and concave (the inside configuration of a contact lens)formation.  The initial use for these lenses is security...however, they have made their way into other applications. The lenses give a spacious, funky and very modern look to any room they are put in. The lenses are available in many different diameters and when strategically placed you can make incredible patterns that are sure to be a conversation piece!  They are lightweight too!

The lenses have many great applications. They give a 360-degree view of what ever is in its reflection. It is true reflective mirror.
The can be mounted as a security mirror that will enable you to see everything in the room. They can be used as an interesting and unusual decoration, or to build into an art project.

These lenses are also available in the reverse of the convex called concave. These are the lenses that magnify an image kind of like a funhouse mirror. These have a myriad of applications as well.

Both options come in many different sizes. You can also custom order colored mirror or special cut and silkscreen

Call or email us for any questions.

Security Mirrors
Security Mirrors

Twilight Becomes
Twilight Becomes

For years, Virginie-Alvine Perrette hovered intently over her video camera, capturing pieces of New York slipping away. Michael’s Salon, owned and run by Nick DiSisto, for instance, offered Upper East Side children their first haircuts (complete with lollipops) for almost a century. In December 2002, when the charming Italian shop where Perrette herself got her hair cut as a child closed, she was there to film it. According to DiSisto, the landlord wanted to double his $4,770 monthly rent.
Rent hikes, chain stores, and gentrification have put the city’s 185,000 mom-and-pop businesses in danger like never before, says Sung Soo Kim, president of New York’s Small Business Congress, a federation of city trade organizations. Based on commercial evictions and bankruptcies, Kim estimates that the city lost 10,000 small businesses last year alone.

A native of the city, Perrette first noticed the abrupt change in her own neighborhood on the Upper West Side. After returning from college at Stanford and practicing international and environmental law in Latin America, she came home to find that many of the shops she grew up with were gone.

Determined to bring their stories to life, Perrette started taking video production courses at NYU. “Digital video has made documentary filmmaking very accessible,” she says. “I took a few courses, then just jumped in.” Now Perrette spends her days producing, shooting and editing the documentary. She also cofounded a nonprofit, 2 Spot Digital, which creates videos for other community organizations, foundations and schools.

Howard Hassan, owner of a family business that prepared fruit and nut baskets, was one of her subjects. On February 23, 2001, he invited Perrette to film the last day of the Basket Shop his parents opened 62 years ago. A new owner of the Woolworth building wanted to build an entrance into the garage, forcing Hassan to close his doors. “My dreams aren’t that great--I don’t need to be a giant,” says Hassan, who has since opened up a new Basket Shop in Brooklyn’s Borough Park.

In production since 1998, the film will debut next year, its 20-plus hours of film boiled down to 40 minutes. Perrette plans to call it Twilight Becomes Night, inspired by a quote from author John Barth, about how hard it is to pinpoint the exact moment when twilight has become night.

“We will not fully know that all the charm, character, flavor and humanity from small mom-and-pop stores is gone from Manhattan until it is too late,” says Perrette. “At that point, twilight will already have become night.”

By Carlos Menchaca
City Limits MAGAZINE
Date: May/ June 2005

Contact Info:
Twilight Becomes Night Documentary Film
2 Spot Digital
132 West 88th Street
Suite B
New York, NY 10024-2412
Industrial Plastics Supply Company
PO Box 210
West Orange NJ 07052
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